ideal for lighter duty access and rubber tired equipment

We use rapid-growth Southern Yellow Pine grade 2, kiln-dried lumber in our bolted, solid-top pine mats. SYP mats can be purchased or rented and delivered to your job site quickly.

Designed to be lighter weight than their hardwood equivalents, SYP mats are specified with the same exacting requirements as all of our mats.

The solid top is ideal for the removal of mud, snow, or ice in challenging conditions. Compared to “waffle” wood mats, the solid top presents far less trip hazards for foot traffic.

  • Sizes

    Thickness: 4 1/2″or 5 1/2″
    Width: 8′
    Lengths: 14′ or 16′

  • Species

    Made from quality rapid-growth southern yellow pine #2 grade kiIn-dried lumber.

  • Uses

    • Power transmission line access roads.
    • Farming and field preservation.
    • Inclined / declined sites.
    • Right of way projects.
    • Remote job sites.
    • Access roads and drilling pads in areas of unstable soil.
  • Bolts

    3/8” x 4 1/2”, 5 1/2” steel carriage bolts.
    Bolts per mat range from 130-175 (depending on board count per specific mat).

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