Dakota PROVIDES high-quality, FSC-COMPLIANT Timber mats to your job site.

Our Timber mats are manufactured from quality rough cut mixed hardwood (no softwood). We use 1” steel rod/bolts with nuts recessed and countersunk. Bolt patterns are designed to help strengthen timbers during application and handling. During assembly, each beam is inspected before placement and drilled with 1” bit and 1 ½” counter bore. Each nut is tightened with ½” pneumatic impact for maximum strength.  After the final inspection is completed, the ends are sealed & painted.

  • Sizes

    Available in 8” thickness x 4’ width x 16’, 18’, 20’ lengths, with custom lengths up to 24’ long

  • Species

    Made from Oak and from high quality Mixed Hardwood

  • Uses

    • Power Transmission Line access roads
    • Pipeline Construction access roads
    • Logging projects for log pads and roads
    • Conventional heavy equipment work platforms
    • Temporary roads in environmentally sensitive and flood-prone work areas
  • Strength

    Oak, Hardwood Timber Mats are used to support tracked equipment in applications where ground conditions are unstable. Timber Mats provide a stable access road and work pad for heavy-duty equipment traversing the most challenging, remote locations.

  • Bolts

    1” steel threaded rods. Bolts per mat are placed every 4 feet depending on linear foot count per specific mat.

As a fully licensed and insured company we can help to be sure that our ground mats for heavy equipment are created in an environmentally sustainable way. Our company operates with a responsibility in mind for our customers, offering the strongest, safest and yet lightweight construction mats. We can include lay down and pick up services as part of a purchase or rental alongside many of the mat orders that we offer.

If you are interested in learning more about the timber-based mat products we have in stock or the solutions that we can create for you please contact us today. We can help you with the process of getting almost any type of mat for your job site.

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