Specialty mats for heavy equipment, heavy lifting, and crucial stabilization.

Crane mats are the thickest mats available. Our Crane mats are manufactured from quality rough cut mixed hardwood. We use 1-1/4” steel rod/bolts with nuts recessed and countersunk. Bolt patterns are designed to help strengthen timbers during application and handling. During assembly, each beam is inspected before placement and drilled with 1-1/4” bit and 1 ½” counter bore. Each nut is tightened with ½” pneumatic impact for maximum strength. Finally, each bridge mat is inspected before the ends are sealed and painted

  • Sizes

    Available in 12“ thickness x 4’ width x 20’, 24’, 28’, 30’, 34’, 36’, 40’ lengths

  • Species

    Made from Oak and quality mixed hardwood

  • Uses

    • Custom Crane Mats
    • Ultra Heavy Equipment Mats
    • Pipeline Construction with digging and laying pipeline
    • Renewable Energy in the lifting of heavy components of Wind Turbines
    • Power Transmission Line Access Bridges over culverts, rivers, crossing
    • Air Bridges over pipelines
    • Excavation Reinforcement
    • Logging Projects for log pads and roads
  • Strength

    Oak, Hardwood Crane Mats are used to support extremely heavy equipment and create access across creeks and rivers up to 34’ wide from bank to bank.

  • Bolts

    1-1/4” steel threaded rods.
    Bolts per mat are placed every 4 feet depending on linear foot count per specific mat.

Also called “Swamp Mats” or ‘Bridge Mats”, Crane Mats are really useful to provide environmentally responsible access to wetlands, flooded or damp areas around construction sites. Temporary roads can be built to offer ground protection, protect ecosystems and landscapes, all while offering safe transportation for crane and other heavy duty construction equipment.

Interlocking mats provide a strong, resistant wood top structure that can be used over marshland, swamps and virtually every terrain where a bridge is needed.

Dakota mats uniquely offers a buyback program and a convenient crane/bridge mat rental option. If you rent crane/bridge mats or get custom timber mats constructed for your job site, we can work at making sure that your usable mats can be bought back at the end of your project. As long as your mats are in good working order, we can quote you a price to buy them back and refurbish them for a new customer.

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