Save money, help the environment.

Dakota is proud to offer our highly popular Mat Buy Back program. Call us when you’re ready. Dakota will visit your site and buy your construction mats back at an upfront, guaranteed price – putting money back in your pocket.

For certain completed projects, the extra handling of mats doesn’t make sense. Dakota offers an efficient solution that eliminates the guess-work of managing mats.

Rest assured that the mats will be graded and processed by our of our trained veteran inspectors at your convenience. If the mats remain in good condition and are usable for another job site, we pay you promptly, which translates into a reduced overall cost of your project.

Dakota mats offers this system as a unique offer for many of our customers. Whether you have mats that are sitting in your inventory unused, or you simply have mats that have gone through their lifecycle on the job site that you don’t want to store, we can take these mats off your hand through our buyback process.

If you are interested in knowing if you qualify for our mat buy back process, contact us today to learn more.

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