dakota matting is aN emtek distributor.

Dakota is proud to represent Emtek®, the engineered, patented laminated wood mat that can carry higher load values than conventional mats that are twice the thickness.

Emtek® has provided engineered mat technology since 2001.

Through its patented designs and non-traditional widths, the Emtek® system can provide third party engineering stamps for difficult permitting processes and controlling access impacts to sensitive ground. The Emtek® brand is known for helping protect fragile plant root systems and reducing impact on the environment.

These mats have been tested to 150% of the allowable design standards, so they can provide safe, tested, and reliable access for your crews and heavy equipment.

Dakota’s team is experienced in managing the Emtek® Wetland Access System and in working on projects approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Coast Guard, and many local permitting agencies for the most challenging terrain.

Be sure that you are getting your Emtek proposals through a verified distributor by checking with the manufacturer https://www.anthonycomposites.com/dakota-matting

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