Janet Sperry

Janet Sperry


Janet Sperry is the heart of Dakota Matting. She founded Dakota on the premise that “handshakes matter, honesty is a given, and reputation is all you have.”

Janet practices a unique, truly customer-focused approach to business that sets Dakota apart from its competitors. Bringing an extensive leadership and business background to the table, Janet understands the importance of earning one’s trust, delivering on service, and building long-term relationships. She has a demonstrated track record in business development, strategic growth, and diversification. She believes in building a culture that is people-centric.

Prior to her career in the matting industry, Janet worked as an oncologist for over 12 years. She was well-respected by her peers, and she cared for many patients and veterans who left a permanent impact on her life. This unique background taught her to lead with a people-first mentality, how to balance urgency with compassion, and importantly, to always remain humble, grounded, and honest.

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